5 steps to wellbeing



1. Cherish your connections with other people
2. Give your full attention to the present moment
3. Learn new skills
4. Add invigorating movement into your life
5. Pass on the good, help and bring joy

Do you feel that sometime earlier you lived a more complete life, or do you want to believe that in the future your life will again be better than it is now? Let's test these steps leading to better wellbeing and realise how great you can feel right today, right now. Learning all kinds of new skills that are important to you can be extremely inspiring and engaging, or do you perhaps already have skills that you would like to teach to others or spread joy with those? Or could you find more active moments in your everyday life that will get your heart rate up? Your body will thank you for it, the brain will "ventilate" at the same time and sleep will taste better. Let's also pause every so often, to listen to the hum of the trees and the play of the waves. You are warmly welcome to visit! I will be on vacation on July 12. – 28.7. 

Midsummer greetings, Outi